Thank You to those who were able to attend the June 5th, 2021 HOA members meeting! You can find the meeting minutes on the "meeting minutes" page of this site. I took notes as quickly as I could, but please feel free to email me if there is any missing discussion items that I should have documented. Looking forward to making some progress!

Update 6.18.2021: Please visit the Forum page for new updates on action items from our members meeting! Also please submit your (3) individual neighborhood improvements or activities requests. I have received (1) submission thus far, they are due by the end of June 2021  (12 days!).

Update 7.14.2021: Thank you to the (10) households that provided neighborhood improvement ideas. I have compiled those ideas and the following (3) are most popular, in order of popularity.
  1. Pond Maintenance
  2. Park/Pond Walking Trails
  3. Park Entrance Parking Area Improvements. (end of 113th St.)
If you have any questions or comments on any of these items, there will be a forum post dedicated to each one. I encourage you to ask or comment there so everyone can follow along with the responses.