January 17, 2021

(This information will also be in the Newsletter being sent out at the end of February)

1. Neighborhood Meeting: We need to have a meeting that will ensure maximum attendance. We also need to do this in a safe and considerate manner. The meeting will be outside, so two dates will be chosen in the event of inclement weather  Please email your primary and secondary choice of dates from the dates below to [email protected] by May 1, 2021 We will schedule and announce the dates based on the feedback. 

May 22         June 5          June 19
May 29         June 12        June 26

2. Board Positions; We are in need of a Vice President and a Secretary. The Vice President position will be for a term of one year, to be followed by assuming the position of President of the Board. The secretary position will be a term of two years or as long as the candidate is willing to volunteer. 
 Please send your nominations (you can self nominate) to [email protected] by May 1, 2021

3. Comments? Email me at [email protected]